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The "Inyanga Bend"  is my personal metal bending routine. 

You'll display an incredible sequence with multiple phases using a single ungimmicked spoon (or fork) which melts, bends, twists and warps in front of your audience. 
To finish, the spoon is bent into a mind boggling position and given away. This is another pet routine I’ve only shared during private consultations.  

 A detailed essay describes how to host a PK Spoon Bending Party (Home PSI Party) and one of the best kept secrets ever, the exact spoons I use and where to get them for cheap and with free shipping!   These spoons look great, bend like soft butter yet appear large, heavy and sturdy. They are perfect for PK Parties and inexpensive to source if you know where to look. 

The spoons I use are the ones incorporated by many of the TOP spoon benders across the country who are not mentalists. This tip alone will save you hundreds of dollars in spoons, forks and other utensils for bending.   

Now you can obtain the same spoons I use, although my routine will work with ANY spoon or fork you can find or borrow.    

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